The wrong side of the tracks

The wrong side of the tracks

Exhibition time is not far away now, and Three Bridges by the Sea is cantering towards readiness. Peter H (I’ve not been able to grasp the numbering system) showed me a couple of points (no, not those points) where some wonderful detail has been completed but the viewing public aren’t going to be able to see it, because they stand on the wrong side (or do we, the operators?).

They’re probably empties in the shed, or maybe it’s a bit of a deal on the side by the barman.

A recent waterspout made landfall on the beach and took the fencing down before it dissipated itself against the backscene.





The tables have been arranged for the drinkers to watch the trains rather than the ships at sea.




Maybe the pub should be renamed “The Thirsty Gricer” ?

Another of the finer points the viewers won’t get to see is the wreath on the war memorial.





They’ll probably be allright on the night, but it looks like the goats have been snacking on some funny little mushrooms. In this case there won’t be any view-blockers to hide the goats from the viewers, but I suspect that by exhibition time they’ll have gravitated from eating mushrooms to sniffing glue and will be well and truly in their proper places.




One thing that came to mind is that we should print out a few views from the wrong side of the tracks and display them on an information board around the layout. Having gone to all those lengths to add the detail, it might be one way to persuade people to come along to the club and see what is hidden from them at the show.

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