Timber Creek

Timber Creek

Timber Creek is a scene based on a North American lumber town, set in the fall.

It is an adaptation of boards used in the On30 Track & Trestle Modular Group based in Newbury. The boards are built to the Slim Gauge Circles Module Design Standard and are composed of a standard 24 x48 rectangular board and a standard corner module that is somewhat larger. They were sympathetically modelled by Tony Woodward passing them on to Tom Snook who has had put his thinking cap on to rewire, add and alter them so as to allow both DC & DCC rolling stock to be used; this was mainly due to wear and tear of operational parts that needed to be strengthened, improved and renewed.

Due to the wiring, extra rail supply feeds were needed to allow the layout to be a standalone layout. A small single track temporary fiddle feeder is used at this time, but a purpose-built board with a turntable is envisaged in the future.

As the owner is new to the On30 scene he has yet to decide which part of the North American Continent the layout will represent. The Track is standard Peco 0-16.5 (On30) code 100 rails and the buildings are a mixture of kits and wooden home builds.

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