Modelling Challenge

Modelling Challenge

Dear Member,

Your Layout Manager has suggested to me that should we continue to make large layouts, the stowage of these layouts my well restrict the room to model in. The present layouts are unaffected by this suggestion. Subsequently he has asked me to put together a plan so that the individual may express their talents in their own way. We agree that this way forward should stretch members so that they can seek advice from the more experienced cadre.

The six Foot Challenge (minimum 6 layouts) I think to be realistic we are looking at 2018/19 for completion.

(1) The first thing that comes to mind is the variation of possible board size. These are in feet, 3 x 2, 4 x 1.5, 8 x 0.75, 12 x 0.5. To be realisitic then the first three seem OK, but what about a hollow circle?

(2) A few of you may consider working on a joint layout, but rememebr each board will be marked on it’s own merit and examined by a neutral judge from outside the club. He will be looking for creativity, not standard items like set track and buildings just placed on a board.

(3) You may wish to use the single fiddle yard access of the code 75, ’00’ DC & DCC powered fiddle yard we have, (the one shown you, that at present goes with the future Mere layout.) Likewise, there is no objection to making sn dditional board for one of the existing club layouts:-
1. Blackmore Vale
2. The new ‘0’ gauge layout
3. The club ’00’ layout excluding ALBERT.
4. John Howards ‘N’ gauge layout.

(4) The layout should be transportable, and as such should have some type of protection whether this be a back and two sides, or just a back.

(5) Legs or stand are optional, as is lighting and drapes.

This is given to you now, so that if your creative juices flow, you can start research on a visit, etc. It is suggested that the creative process should only begin once the existing projects are completed. A series of talks will commence in the late Summer of 2017 so that you ,may achieve your dream.

Tom Snook

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